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Open trailers are most often used to transport automobiles, such as the ones that transport new vehicles to dealerships. These are the most cost effective. They usually transport from 8-10 vehicles and are considerably longer and higher than conventional freight trucks. Should the transporter encounter difficulties in the drop off area, such as narrow streets, overhanging trees etc, the driver may request that you meet at a more convenient location in the local area such as a parking lot or super market parking area. Alternatively a local service may be required to deliver the vehicle safely. In the case of exotic/classic vehicles, a conventional enclosed freight truck will transport the vehicle.


Brokers deal with a number of carriers and therefore have more options for faster delivery at their disposal. The rates offered by the various Carriers or Brokers usually do not differ much and in most cases if a carrier is unable to accommodate the customer, they broker out the transport to another company. Utilizing our services you are assured that all transport companies we use are long established reputable carriers who are properly licensed and insured. This provides you, our customer with a hassle free worry free move.


As required by the DOT, these automobile transport trucks carry public liability insurance, ensuring against in-transit damage caused by carrier negligence and/or equipment failure. Finally, your own vehicle insurance remains in effect throughout the duration of the transportation. Should any damage be incurred, Reserve Auto Transport may act as liaison to try to assist in the processing of your claim against Carrier.


Prices quoted on the website or phones are estimates. If the wrong vehicle was quoted at the time of the order, the price may be adjusted to reflect the correct vehicle. Due to fuel price fluctuations a Fuel Service Charge may apply at time the order is placed but will not exceed 15% of quoted price.


Transit times vary dependant upon the pick-up/delivery cities. Times quoted are just averages and largely depend on the trucks schedule, road and weather conditions. As an example, a delivery is from LA to NY City this usually takes approximately 7 days, however this can vary up to 14 days depending upon the load/delivery cities of other vehicles on the truck. Other approximate delivery times for East Coast Midwest delivery approximate 5 8 days and north to south approximately 5 8 days. Please keep this in mind when scheduling the delivery. Whenever possible please allow for 2 weeks prior notice for a scheduled pick up date. Although we work hard to accommodate short notice delivery requests, we would recommend a minimum of a 3 business day window.


The auto transporter will strive to the best of their ability to pick up and deliver your vehicle as close to your door as is legally and safely permitted without compromising your vehicle or the transport carrier. If for some reason problems occur such as narrow streets or turns, or low over hanging trees etc., the driver may request that you meet them at a convenient location such as a large parking lot or supermarket lot. The driver will usually call you as he nears the delivery location to discuss accessibility/restrictions and at this time may suggest an alternative local location


Upon completion of a scheduled shipment and when a carrier has been assigned you will receive a call from the truck driver to schedule pick-up/delivery time and day. At the time of pickup, a complete physical inspection will be conducted and/or recorded on the bill of lading which you will have to acknowledge and sign. Upon delivery of your vehicle, another inspection will be conducted to ascertain if any damage occurred during transit. In order to file a claim for damage, the damage must be noted on the Bill of Lading at the time of delivery and agreed upon and signed by the driver. Without this a claim will not be accepted as valid.


The contract between you and the carrier/shipper is called the Bill of Lading/Freight Bill. It provides pertinent information such as pick-up/delivery information, current mileage and condition of the automobile (Condition Report). Either you or an agent designated by you MUST be present at pick-up and deliver to sign the Bill of Lading and release the vehicle. A copy of the Bill of Lading should be provided to you. Please have the document available at time of delivery as well.


All our deliveries are scheduled into the most efficient time slots to accommodate all our clients however RA Transport is unable to guarantee a delivery date. We do provide an estimated time of delivery and work diligently to accomplish this. If the exact date you request is not available, RA Transport will schedule your vehicle within a 1-7 day window upon your approval


As shipments are based on weight that a Carrier can legally transport an SUV or truck will have a slightly higher transportation fee.


The auto transport driver will drive your vehicle on and off the carrier and occasionally have to unload/reload your vehicle to optimize space on the carrier; however this will be kept to a minimum. Your truck should also stay on the carrier with the same driver throughout the duration of the trip. This could change due to unforeseen circumstances such as a truck becoming inoperative during the trip.


Kindly remove all items not secured/bolted down such as bed liners and shells. CB antennas that do not retract have to be removed or they could break off. Cell phones, radios etc must also be removed. Spoilers and other low hanging items should either be removed or have sufficient clearance in order to safely expedite transportation.


These fees usually apply to vehicles that are much heavier or larger than standard sedan’s and require additional work loading/unloading. Some examples would be inoperable vehicles which cost more to transport as they require significantly more work to load and unload. Oversized vehicles which include most SUV’s, Mini-vans, full size and extended trucks, conversion vans, classic cars, severely damaged vehicles or highly customized vehicles. These are more costly to transport due to size, weight, requiring more than one spot on the transporter, are lowered or non standard high raised vehicles.

Enclosed transporters are also higher than open bed trucks. We recommend this type of transport for high end vehicles such as classic cars, Ferrari’s Rolls or Bentleys or restored collectors vehicles.

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